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‘DIL’ will shortly enter into its 40th glorious year of service, an eventful period of three decades.

‘DIL’ has been serving every section of the Society including Central/State Government Departments, Public Sector Undertakings,Top Bureaucrats, Private Sector Establishments.

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Regular Investigative Services

  • Pre/Post Matrimonial Verification
  • Pre/Post employment Screening
  • Verification of Domestic Servants like maids, drivers, watchmen and others
  • Surveillance and Shadowing
  • Insurance Claims
  • Tracing of Missing Persons
  • Intellectual property rights
  • White Collar Offences and thefts
  • Insurance Claims
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Theft Investigation
  • Teenage Monitoring
  • Cyber Crime Detective's
  • Corporate Asset Verification
  • Financial Fraud Detective's
  • Industrial Vigilance
  • Trademark Infringement Detective's

Missing Persons:

We carry out an extensive investigation regarding missing persons.this is also the renowned department of our detective agency and we have a well-connected network all across the country that helps us to find and locate the person within a very limited period of time. not to Worry Whenever such a cases arise to give a call to us, with the help of our well spread network all over the world, we can trace people very easily in short time and provide you relief.

Theft Investigation:

One of our best work includes theft investigation.We are expert in the field with a high number of cases behind faced and then solved by our agency in this department.We are an expert in this issue and therefore have a specific department for detecting in this department.

Teenage Monitoring:

When children grew up, the most difficult stage in their development is during their teen years. From the age of 13 to 19, they are likely to make a lot of irrational decisions in their lives, it is during this age that they experience changes both in their minds and bodies. As a Parent, you need to know what your child does during the period in order to guide them on their path to responsibility.Parents need a professional doing that for you. At THE DIL detective agency, we have the expertise to carry out teenage monitoring while you focus on other aspects of your life.

Cyber Crime Detective:

DIL one of the most Professional and well-equipped company in this field, we have a dedicated team of qualified professionals exclusively for Cybercrime Investigation, we have not only done wonders in the past in solving some critical Corporate Cybercrime Investigation but also saved the companies from a huge loss.

Corporate Asset Verification:

Corporate Asset Verification service helps you Protecting yourself from fraud or being cheated by the third party. We will investigate about assert actually exist or not, owners of assets, Values of assets and Best service for Property related business.

Financial Fraud Detectives:

Financial Fraud can be clearly defined as an act of deception involving financial transaction for the purpose of personal gain. Fraud is a crime and it is also a violation of civil law.We can handle Financial fraud detectives which includes investigation for medium or big business account as they do an audit on monthly basis.

Trademark Infringement Detectives:

We aim to save your company from a painful and costly court Procedure. if you went ahead and filed for a patent or trademark that already exist, the firm that already has a trademark or patent will definitely come after you are Trademark infringing on its intellectual property. You do not want to deal with such issue give us cost and time with our expert team we can do it best.

Special Service Packages:
Trademark Infringement/Detection of Spurious/Fake Products
There has been a steep increase in the manufacture and sale of duplicate and fake products in almost every fast moving item at the cost of the manufacturer of the original item. The manufacturers are not able to control through their own sources. The retailers seem to be happy with the sale of duplicate products as it earns them more money. This trend will end in erosion of goodwill and eat out the profit of the manufacturing company in due course of time. To avert this calamity, “DIL” has developed a Strategy to investigate, trace the source(s) of manufacturing, the retail outlets selling such duplicate products and take legal action against such companies.

Secret Intelligence Monitoring of Students (SIMS)
There is a growing sign of indiscipline and deterioration of moral values amongst the youth particularly the student community. The colleges turn out to be terrorist camps. it is dangerous to allow it to continue. This Strategy is meant to ‘smell’ discreetly the activities of the students and report to the college management. In case of students found indifferent, remedial and corrective measures will be taken in consultation with the parents. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam, former President of India personally appreciated the Strategy as the need-of-the-hour Strategy.

Industrial Vigilance
Various kinds of malpractices, irregularities, pilferage and leakage of information are reported day in and day out. Unfortunately it comes to the knowledge of the management only when the activities reach an alarming stage. It has to remain a silent spectator since it would not have the requisite expertise to handle the situation. With this in mind this Strategy has been developed. In this process, “DIL” will act independently and maintain overall vigilance. It will identify and take appropriate steps to plug the loopholes.

Revenue Increase
This Strategy is mainly meant for Government Departments who face deficit budget year after year. The Strategy will identify and plug the loopholes in the system and suggest measures to increase the revenue of the exchequer without levying fresh taxes. Marriage Arrangements - A to Z Services

The Special Marriage Package (SMP) undertakes A to Z services required for a marriage in four stages. It is available to every section of the society irrespective of their race, religion, creed or caste. A separate section is available for re-marriage, divorcee and inter-caste marriages. In normal circumstances the arrangements will be over in about three to six months.

Stage I: In the first stage maximum number of marriage proposals of the prospective brides/bridegrooms will be collected from different sources including release of advertisement in newspapers/magazines, Matchmaking Centers and caste/based Associations. The horoscopes will, then be matched.

Stage II: The second stage covers preliminary scrutiny of the proposals. Those that are found to be basically not suitable will not be considered. The preliminary enquiry will be made in respect of the other suitable proposals.

Stage III: Thereafter physical verification of the background of the brides/bridegrooms and their families, as the case may be, will be carried out.

Stage IV: Once the bride and the bridegroom are finally selected, “DIL” can conduct the marriage on behalf of the client. This Stage will cover arrangements that include fixing of wedding hall, flower decoration, catering, invitation printing, video/still photography, travel, purchase of jewels/clothes and any other work connected with the marriage.

Election Winning Strategy
In view of the restrictions on election related expenditure and the ban on traditional methods of wall paintings, pasting of posters, etc., alternate democratic strategies were needed to be evolved. It is here that the third-person informant strategy would be put into action. I short it is part of lobbying. The impact of the sayings of a third person will have more impact. Accordingly through the Strategy, discreet lobbying will be carried on to ensure win in any election.

The operation of the Strategy will ensure:
  • 100% success
  • No major alliance needed
  • Election norms not violated
  • Direct inter-action with common man
  • Gather political intelligence
  • Election Results Forecasting Strategy
It is also based on the informant strategy. The true and factual data continuously received from the freelance informants and others are critically analysed by teams of intelligence officers in the R&D Division and arrive at a conclusion. The calculations thus made using the Strategy turns out to be absolutely true. A few press cuttings is enclosed.

NRI/Overseas Services
It has been noticed that NRIs need urgent information and expect confidential solutions to their personal and other complex nature of problems particularly on matters like the wellbeing of their parents/relatives/dependents and matrimonial alliance, business development, safety and security of landed properties and investments in India. For obvious reasons they feel reluctant to seek information from their own kith and kin or business associates in India. Contact for more details.

Special Protection & Investigation Force (SPIF)
This Force will cater to the emergency needs of top brass in business, corporate companies. It is a strong and dedicated force and will not succumb to any pressure. Deployment of SPIF personnel will be useful particularly during Board and Annual General Body meetings and on special occasions.

Detective Training
‘DIL’ has been providing practical training to aspiring candidates in becoming a real time detective. The course is career oriented and it has been introduced for the first time in India. There is vast scope for self-employment and job opportunities. Also free training is provided to poor and top college students on part-time basis. Contact for details.

The number of detective agencies in the country is less when compared to the demand fortheir services. It is, therefore proposed to appoint Francjhisess all over the country for the benefit of the society. Besides self-employment and job opportunities the franchisees will command respect in their areas. Accordingly applications are invited from interested persons for appointment as Franchisees. Contact for details.


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